Are you a Business Center candidate?

Personen an Drucker im Business Center

Perhaps you have already asked yourself whether the use of a Business or Office Center would be a sensible solution for you or your company.

In principle, modern and well-managed rental offices can score with many advantages:

  • Transparent costs: Because the offices and conference rooms are fully equipped and there is no brokerage fee, you can definitely save money compared to renting a traditional office, because all the usual initial investments (tables, chairs, lamps, printers, etc.) are eliminated. All ancillary costs such as electricity, gas, water, daily cleaning, etc. are also included in the price.
  • Flexible: Founders and young companies in particular who want to keep their financial obligations as manageable as possible benefit in a business centre from flexible terms, different room sizes and favourable entry models. You also remain completely flexible in terms of time: in service-oriented facilities, you can also use the rented offices and conference rooms in the evening, at weekends or on public holidays.
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  • Location, location, location: Many business centers combine good accessibility and fast connections with public transportation, bicycle parking, parking in and around the center and an attractive environment. Restaurants and shopping facilities are almost always within walking distance. Now that the attractiveness of the workplace has become one of the criteria employees use to select their employers, the importance of this factor should not be underestimated.
  • Professional: A renowned address adorns every website and business card and automatically ensures a positive image, as does a professional reception of your customers and business partners by a friendly center team experienced in dealing with demanding customers.
  • Reliable: No parcel or letter gets lost in the Business Center, because your mail is managed according to your specifications. The same applies to calls and orders: Every external contact is reliably accepted in your name – even if you are on the road or ill. Empty printer cartridge? WLAN does not work? No coffee left? Such unnecessary excitement is avoided in a well-managed business center.
  • Relieving: Most business centers offer a secretarial service that takes over time-consuming tasks such as travel bookings, paperwork, telephone calls or postal services and thus gives you the necessary freedom for the most important thing, your business.

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Experience has shown that business centers are particularly interesting if you belong to one of the following groups:

  • You are independent in your home office, but you cannot or do not want to spend all your time in your own four walls. Not everyone has a room at home where they can work productively, and many are afraid of the private atmosphere and the many distraction possibilities. In addition, it is not necessarily sensible to give your own private address as a company address to the outside world, the reception of customers is another challenge.
  • Are you a start-up founder in need of low-cost jobs, but are not yet in a position to precisely estimate the additional space required? You can easily grow or shrink in a business center.
  • You run a small company, want to concentrate on their core functions and, for example, save on back office costs. The Business Center staff can take over the corresponding tasks for you. The fact that you do not have to invest any time in the administration of office space (e.g. cleaning, energy supply, IT, telephone) also provides relief. In a business center, only the space that is actually used, including the conference rooms, is paid for. According to the motto: You pay what you get.
  • You are a freelancer, need an office for some projects or want to receive customers? In the Business Center, you can rent day offices and conference rooms of various sizes depending on your needs and order situation, in some cases from as little as an hour. Conclusion: top address, serious external impact and conference rooms in different sizes are available on an hourly basis and at a reasonable price.
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  • Do you work in an established company, but want professional equipment, great flexibility and workplaces that are ready to start right away? Do you like to let others take care of annoying administrative tasks? Then a Business Center is also the right place for you. Top locations with an attractive environment are also an important factor when it comes to finding good employees and keeping them in the company.
  • Are you a training and coaching provider? Then you will particularly appreciate the combination of office and training rooms. Events can be professionally planned and conference rooms can be blocked. If a sufficient number of participants have confirmed their attendance, the booking is binding. The short coordination channels with the center team are also well received, because everything is “under one roof”. If desired, the Business Center can also organise catering in the booked areas or take care of restaurant bookings. All you have to do is look after your customers or participants. The center team will ensure that the rooms are clean and furnished according to your wishes, fresh drinks, etc.
  • Many headhunters and personnel consultants would not want to do without the professional environment of a business center with its combination of office and interview rooms. While you concentrate on your candidates, the center staff takes care of the next appointments, receives interview partners, leads into the interview room and offers drinks.

Sometimes, however, there are other individual reasons that speak in favor of a business center. One of our tenants is a self-employed lawyer. She attaches great importance to a good location, but subletting an office was out of the question for her. She didn’t want to be alone in an office either, but the compulsive coexistence in an office community scared her off just as much. The optimal solution for her: an office in our center in Mittelweg. Modern, fully equipped, well-groomed ambience, service included.

Even large corporations hold their meetings with us because there is often not enough conference space in their premises. In addition, many bosses deliberately focus on the positive effect when everyone “comes out”.

In the next blog in October, I will deal with the question of what to look out for when choosing a Business Center.


Good luck with your work until then.

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