Rented company address: Prestige and accessibility

A company address in a German metropolis conveys success, professionalism, makes your company appear reputable and opens the local and national market to you. With a renowned company address as a virtual office in a physical location, you use all these possibilities and more without having to rent a permanent office – and at a reasonable price that everyone can afford. In return, you get a company address with office services that offers full flexibility and accessibility without having to be on site.

In this blog post I will explain the advantages of renting a company address for founders, start-ups, freelancers and small businesses, but also for established companies from other cities or countries.

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External effect of company addresses

An exclusive company address is worth its weight in gold. But it is not enough to have an address in a metropolis like Hamburg or Berlin, it must also be located in a representative area. After all, new business contacts will not only get a first impression of you based on your concept and offer, but will also take a close look at where you are, for example with Google Maps. Your private address in the letterhead will then usually not make a particularly professional and reliable impression. Companies located elsewhere also benefit from a prestigious company address, as it is easier to open up the economically strong market as a “local” or to maintain business contacts if you move away.

Protected privacy through a company address

When you hear the terms “rented company address”, “business address” or “virtual office”, associations such as “letterbox company” and similar half-silk come to mind. But this is not true: rented company addresses are completely legal and a sensible and recognised way to improve your public image and protect your privacy. They offer you the opportunity to use an address in a metropolis in a prime location for your company on your correspondence, business cards, invoice forms and the imprint of your website, among other things. This way you avoid that your private address appears on the net or in registers and is accessible to everyone. Furthermore, you do not need to change your business equipment when you move and can work permanently with the company address.

Legally compliant company address for official matters

You can also use a company address as an address for official procedures such as business registration and entry in the Chamber of Commerce. Only if, for example, the tax office asks for the address of the company management, do you have to provide the address where you actually run your company. In order for the company address to meet all legal requirements, it must be ensured that it is an address that can be summoned, i.e. an address where you can be served official documents, summonses and registered letters and where you can be contacted at any time. This is ensured by services such as mail service and reception. Even if you are not domiciled in Germany, you can register a business with a rented company address and operate your business there – without being on site.

Company address or virtual office?

Basically, a company address is almost the same as a virtual office: You have a first-class business address, optionally a company sign at the entrance and a reliable reception and mail service that handles letters and parcels according to your specifications and informs you of every receipt or forwards the mail directly to your actual address – haptically for parcels or scanned for letters sent by e-mail. To save postage, you can of course also collect the mail.

With a virtual office, further services are added, which can usually be booked in a modular system. These classically include a telephone service with call acceptance in your company name according to your specifications, which allows you to be reached continuously during normal business hours, and your own extension of the local telephone number. Sometimes the provider’s employees will also take over other office services, which will save you the hiring of employees and relieve them of even more time.

Always and in any form accessible

As a rule, a company address also includes the possibility of upgrading to a haptic office form and downgrading again at any time. In this way, you can adapt the offer you have taken advantage of to the development of your company. It is also possible to rent conference rooms and offices on a daily, weekly or monthly basis at special conditions for owners of company addresses and is an interesting option. In this way, you only use services and premises when you need them – without running costs. You can thus look forward to personal customer discussions or meetings with confidence.

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Exclusive company address in Hamburg

If this blog post has helped you to weigh up the advantages of a company address – perhaps in a meaningful combination with a telephone service – for yourself, I look forward to telling you more about our Hamburg company addresses in prime locations. We have locations in HafenCity, in the renowned Rotherbaum area and in the famous Stadthöfe in the city centre. Just write to me!

Until then, good luck at work and stay healthy!

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Christian Schmidt

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