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Why tie yourself to a property forever when flexibility and cost savings in terms of office space are so simple? Instead of long-term leases or even moving the company to larger premises, you can rent conference and office rooms at one of the three Hamburg locations of our CS Business Centre in exactly the right size and with flexible time commitments.


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Offices in prime locations for a good reputation

Your company name and address are the first things that catch the eye when you contact a new customer. To ensure that this first contact is not negatively affected by a business address at a private address, in an office park or on the outskirts of town, our offices, fully equipped with modern technology, are an impressive choice. Our three business centres in Hamburg are in top locations.

In the modern HafenCity, opposite the wonderful Elbe Philharmonic Hall, you will benefit from the maritime charm and the proximity to the Speicherstadt, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the prestigious area of the Rotherbaum, which is famous for its international tennis tournaments, you are surrounded by Tudor-style villas and mansions from the pre-war period. In the famous Stadthöfe at the Stadthausbrücke you are at our third location between the magnificent shopping streets Neuer Wall and Große Bleichen in the middle of the city centre. The modern furnishing of the offices in combination with the architecturally attractive buildings in the best locations ensures the best possible impression.

More or less space – as required

The order situation of companies in almost all industries often fluctuates greatly and requires sometimes more, sometimes less manpower. By renting office space in the CS Business Center, you can react at short notice to the requirements of flexible working environments: You can expand your office capacity as your company grows or you have accepted a new project, or reduce it when a project ends or you are forced to downgrade due to business reasons. In this way you avoid expensive vacancies, have sufficiently fully equipped and immediately usable office space at your disposal at all times and offer teams and departments ideal working conditions at all times. We can provide you with front and back offices on request, so that no additional personnel costs arise and you can concentrate on your daily business.

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Virtual office or office with conference room?

You can choose between executive, individual, team or open-plan offices as well as conference rooms. Whether you rent for hours, days, weeks, months or years is entirely up to you and can be adapted at any time in terms of scope and rental period. Not only start-ups profit from this, but also established companies that want to outsource parts of their business such as individual departments or project groups. A branch office in one of our business centres is also the perfect location for opening up the Hamburg market for companies with their headquarters in another city or country. Our conference rooms can easily be booked for meetings, presentations or training sessions on a daily or hourly basis.

Professional appearance instead of home office

Renting an office in the business centre as a replacement or supplement is also ideal for founders, solo self-employed persons or freelancers who work mainly from their home office. With a virtual office, you have a prestigious postal address with postal, reception and telephone services with your own extension and call acceptance on your behalf. If you only need a business address with postal service, this is also possible. In any case, your private address will remain truly private and your business card and contact details will make the best possible impression in correspondence. In addition, you can rent an office or a conference room at any time to receive your customers and business partners personally.

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Offices adapted to your company

Our offices are tailored to the needs of your company. Whether you want an individual or team office for your employees, or a combination of both, is entirely up to you. It is also possible to match the colour of the premises to your Corporate Identity (CI) from day 1 of your rental. In this way you can create a visual reference to your company for your employees as well as for your customers despite outsourcing the offices. The offices and conference rooms of the CS Business Centre are fully equipped, so you can start working immediately, without the time and cost of new purchases (tables, chairs, lamps etc.) or long-term fixed cost risks.

Telephone service and Co – we take care of it!

Our modern and fully equipped business centre supports you in setting up and maintaining your business and enables a smooth day-to-day business with full flexibility and savings in personnel costs. This allows you to concentrate fully on your core business and leave the front and back office to us. Depending on which services you would like to take advantage of, we offer you your own local telephone numbers with direct dials, a postal, telephone and reception service, catering and much more, in addition to a door sign with your company name and fully functional modern office equipment such as printers, beamers and co. If you rent a conference room by the hour, services such as a personal reception for your guests and equipment such as flipchart, whiteboard, smart TV and other features are included. If you rent a conference room for a whole day, coffee, tea and an organic soft drink for everyone are also included. For all our tenants, we offer a hot drink flat rate for tea and coffee specialities from just 1 euro per day. As a tenant in one of our business centres, you can concentrate on your core business under the best conditions.


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