Virtual Office in Hamburg, Germany

You do not need a permanent office for a professional appearance!

Your company name and the address “Am Kaiserkai 69, Hamburg HafenCity”, “Mittelweg 144, Hamburg- Rotherbaum”, “Stadthausbrücke 8, Hamburg-Neustadt” or “Hohe Bleichen 22, Hamburg-Neustadt”.

Doesn’t that sound good? It is not only important for founders to start with a renowned address. 
A top business address in Hamburg, Germany is like a good business card and every company should have one. Regardless of whether it is a start-up or an established company.

Local markets can be opened up more easily with the right address. And you can rent the right business address from us! Our well-rehearsed team takes care of all aspects of your business correspondence so that you have your back free for the really important things. With CS Business Center in Hamburg, you can immediately start with a professional appearance, including office and postal service, when you register your business in an uncomplicated and demand-oriented way.

We offer you a wide range of cost-effective options for opening your location in the booming HafenCity, directly at the Elbphilharmonie, at the second location, in the Rotherbaum district, at the third location in Hamburg, in the Stadthöfen or at our newest location in the well-known Hanseviertel. It goes without saying that you remain flexible with us. If your business development changes, we will adapt to you. Promised!


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The perfect solution for you:

business addresstelephone serviceVirtual officeKingsize
Renowned business address in prime locationxxx
Mail and parcel handling according to your specificationsxxx
reception servicexxxx
Reservation of conference roomsxxxx
Company nameplate (optional)xxx
Cost-effective alternative to the officexxx
Upgrade to one office possible at any timexxxx
Various office services can be addedxxxx
Flexible contract termsxxxx
5% discount on conference room bookingsxx
10% discount on conference room bookingsxx
Local Hamburg phone numberxxx
Own extensionxxx
Telephone acceptance in your company namexxx
100% availability during normal business hoursxxx
5 days office use per monthx
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Business address (virtual office) from 89€ rent

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Telephone service from 99€

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Business address and telephone service from 139€

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Kingsize from 389€ rent

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Coworking Space (Campus solution) from 259€ for rent

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Why does a company need a prestigious business address?

PostfachBecause today a prestigious business address is expected by business partners. This is like a good business card. Company addresses are often googled before a business relationship is established to see where the potential partner is based. A prestigious business address in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg is a “must have” for every company. Your business papers and business cards will also be impressively enhanced. One does not go with its oldest suit to a network meeting, in order to become acquainted with humans, but would like well dressed effect to obtain. Such an effect radiates a company headquarters in the best location.

Rent a virtual office: What about people who work in the home office?

For many, working from home is a real luxury. But making your own address accessible to everyone? Others! And what to do when business appointments are due? Received in your own home? The CS Business Center offers the perfect solution for this problem! Our services enable your partners to communicate a reputable business address and to rent day offices or conference rooms in Hamburg where appointments can be made. So you can continue your professional business without any problems, while your private address remains private.

What advantages does such a business address have for your customers?

TelefonatA reputable business address in Hamburg is inexpensive, but offers a lot of benefits. The good company location ensures a professional image towards partners and customers. Not only on letter paper and on the business card, but directly on site, because also a company sign can be a component of this service. Incoming letters can be processed by the postal service of the Center employees on request. If instructed to do so, the mail is not only accepted but also forwarded. The professional business address is also well suited for a further, favourable location, without costs for an additional, permanent office. On request, our customers can use an office service and telephone services at the virtual office. The price/performance ratio is simply unbeatable.

For which customers can we offer a virtual office?

Karteikarten RegisterFor many types of customers. As already mentioned, the virtual office is particularly suitable for customers who work from home. And it is also recommended for companies that do not come from the Hanseatic city but still want to work the local market. “Customer proximity” is the key word here. You don’t always have to rent an office directly. Even registration in the commercial register is possible with our low-cost product “Büro Mitbenutzung”. Here you combine the company address with the use of an office.

Customers who travel a lot and are therefore unable to receive parcels personally are just as well advised to use a business address for their company headquarters, as trustworthy employees receive them and process them as desired. The same applies to incoming telephone calls, which we accept in the customer’s company name.

What does a business address at CS Business Center in Hamburg cost?

Alica am TelefonThe price for a business address starts at € 89,-. Then our customers can book additional services, just like in a modular system. For example the telephone management, which is individually with 99€, -, in combination however more favorable becomes. We recommend this service as an ideal supplement to the business address. Telephone calls are accepted in the customer’s name and treated further according to customer’s request. Cost-effective and fair – a real benefit for our customers!

Why are these virtual offices so popular?

The virtual office in Hafencity is extremely modern and stylish. Remember that this district is the youngest in the Hanseatic city. This is also reflected in the modern architecture. You also get a breathtaking view of Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie.

Even if you choose the company domicile at Mittelweg, you will benefit from numerous advantages. The office is surrounded by various cultural monuments, which are easily accessible from here and invite you to take short walks during your lunch break. In addition, you will of course benefit from modern facilities. In order for you to be able to work as productively as possible, we have attached great importance to a pleasant atmosphere in the interior design.

Corona measures in our business centers:

To ensure that you can work safely and healthily at our company, we have taken the following measures:

Our business addresses at the respective locations

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