Conference rooms Mittelweg – Hamburg, Rotherbaum

The Mittelweg location offers you and your guests the hustle and bustle of the renowned Rotherbaum district. Old villas, the proximity to the Alster and various restaurants in the direct vicinity make this location more than attractive for meetings, conferences or seminars. You choose the right room size according to your needs – our modern premises leave nothing to be desired!

Conference room at Mittelweg in Hamburg, Rotherbaum

The office and conference rooms in our CS Business Center Mittelweg in Rotherbaum are in a first-class location, so that you always leave a professional impression with your customers and business partners. The infrastructure in the surrounding area ensures a good connection between the offices. We also provide secure parking facilities for you and your customers on request. You can spend your lunch breaks walking along the Alster or in one of the many restaurants.


Two beautiful rooms are waiting to be visited and booked by you:

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Conference room with first-class equipment

Our conference rooms, which can accommodate either 10 or 12 people, offer modern yet functional facilities, so that you won’t miss a thing.

The modern design of the furniture in combination with the technical refinements ensure that our seminar rooms will completely inspire you and your clientele.

Our conference rooms are equipped with modern flatscreens, free WLAN, flipcharts and a presentation case.

You see: Our seminar rooms meet all the requirements of a modern conference room.

Flexible booking of conference rooms at Mittelweg

You can book the ultra-modern conference rooms in the CS Business Center at Mittelweg 144 on an hourly basis as required, so that you benefit from fair prices.

Upon request, reception staff or a secretary will be at your disposal. If required, we can also offer you professional catering, so that you can provide appropriate meals for the participants of your event.

Please let us know your additional wishes when booking the conference rooms in Hamburg so that we can organize everything for you. You can sit back and relax and have nothing to worry about.

For booking you can contact our staff by telephone or via our contact form.

ROTHERBAUMUp to 10 visitors

Stylishly furnished meeting room with state-of-the-art technology for every conference

FONTENAYup to 12 visitors

Large conference room at an attractive location in Hamburg

    Christian Schmidt

    Stefan Bentlin

    Kim Levendal

    Alica Kaschub

    Mona Vetter

    Jannik Hübscher

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