Conference rooms Stadthausbrücke – Hamburg

The location Stadthausbrücke offers you and your guests the unique atmosphere of the renowned district Neustadt. Inner courtyards created with attention to detail in the direct vicinity make this location more than attractive for meetings, conferences or seminars and ensure that you feel completely at ease. You choose the right room size according to your needs – our modern premises leave nothing to be desired!

Conference room in the Hamburg Stadthöfen

The offices and conference rooms in our Business Center at the Stadthausbrücke are in a first-class location, so that you always leave a professional impression on your customers and business partners. The infrastructure in the surrounding area ensures a good connection between the offices. You can spend your lunch breaks walking through the courtyards or in one of the numerous restaurants.


Even outside business hours, our space rental in the city courtyards is very much in demand as a V.I.P. location for events, incentives, lecture series or even talk shows. Many customers also use these V.I.P. events to make contacts in an impressive atmosphere and to enrich their leisure activities with high-quality entertainment.

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STADTHOF - Up to 20 persons

Impressive conference room with plenty of daylight, panoramic window, dimmable lighting and air conditioning

Stadthöfe Konferenzraum groß
Stadthöfe Konferenzraum groß

MICHEL - Up to 10 persons

Stylish conference room with Fleet and Michel views, daylight, wooden blinds, dimmable lighting and air conditioning

Stadthoefe Konferenzraum klein
Stadthöfe Konferenzraum klein

    Christian Schmidt

    Stefan Bentlin

    Kim Levendal

    Alica Kaschub

    Mona Vetter

    Jannik Hübscher

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