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Coworking at the CS Business Center in Hamburg

For entrepreneurs who cannot afford an expensive office rent, coworking offers the best opportunities.

Together with other entrepreneurs, who are usually small entrepreneurs or start-ups, you book a workplace in a shared office and leave a serious impression on your customers and business partners.

Your number one address for coworking in Hamburg is the CS Business Center.

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Corona measures in our business centers:

To ensure that you can work safely and healthily at our company, we have taken the following measures:


  • Medical masks mandatory in all public areas
  • Provision of hand disinfectant
  • Compliance with the specified distance regulation in the public areas and the conference rooms
  • Regular ventilation of the rooms
  • Disinfection of the conference rooms after use


What’s coworking?

Coworking means that you work together with other entrepreneurs in a community office. Everyone gets their own workplace there, but the cost of the office is shared. As a result, the monthly rent you have to plan is much lower than if you rent your own office.

Apart from that, coworking offers another decisive advantage: you come into contact with other entrepreneurs and no longer have to spend your working days alone.

Many entrepreneurs who are just starting out, but also small entrepreneurs who work in a shop without employees and direct customer contact, appreciate this very much, because loneliness during work is unpopular. Many then feel unproductive. In such a case, coworking can prove to be the perfect way to get your day-to-day work going.

The CS Business Center is your coworking space in Hamburg with modern offices at Am Kaiserkai 69, Mittelweg 144, Stadthausbrücke 8 and since autumn 2021 Hohe Bleichen in the well-known Hanseviertel.

Who is coworking for?

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What are the advantages of working at the CS Business Center?

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What does a shared office cost?

If you decide to use the shared office in our Coworking Space in the CS Business Center in Hamburg, you will get your workplace for a minimum price of 299 Euro per month.

What services does the joint office offer?

The shared offices in our CS Business Centers in Hamburg offer between four and six workstations and can be equipped individually.

Of course, you can visit your workplace 24/7 – around the clock – to pursue your productive work. You will receive a key for the building as well as other keys for the floor and for the shared office you have booked.

Your workplace is equipped with a sideboard, an office chair and a desk.

If you wish, you can, for example, book the secretarial service or the telephone service. You can also make use of our IT service as an option. In addition, the CS Business Center in Hamburg offers you the option of access to various hot drinks at any time for a flat fee.

Coworking in Hamburg at the CS Business Center

In summary, one can say that coworking in Hamburg in the CS Business Center is suitable for all those who do not want to work alone or save money and still want to afford a reputable business address.

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