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Telephone service for professional appearance

A professional corporate image includes a reliable telephone service, because this is perceived as the “business card” of your company. If you are unavailable or very difficult to reach by phone, it may leave a stale taste in the mouth of customers or prospects, which is something a professional business owner should never afford.

With the telephone service at the CS Business Center in Hamburg, this is a thing of the past. From now on, you will shine with a friendly call answering instead of absence.

Even during the tense phase surrounding Covid-19, our telephone service is fully available to you. We will contact you in your company name, record the message and guarantee a professional appearance. So even in Corona times you will not lose a call.

// Reachable at any time

This is what the telephone service enables you to do

Especially if you are often out of the office for business reasons, you should still be available and thus remain flexible for your customers, business partners or prospects. A professional telephone service allows you to do just that. While you are attending your business appointments, a friendly assistant will answer your calls and make them according to a procedure previously agreed with you.

By the way, this telephone service is also suitable for times when you are on vacation or absent due to illness.

Telephone service: all services at a glance

  • Calls from your customers are forwarded to a local phone number in Hamburg
  • This increases the accessibility of your company,
    which has a positive effect on customer satisfaction
  • You will receive a personal extension
  • The local hamburger employees accept calls in your company name
  • Calls are made according to the procedure previously agreed with you
  • You will receive a corresponding call note

What services can be included in the secretarial service

Basically, you agree with our employees which services should be included in the telephone service. By way of example, you can arrange the following services:

  • Transferring or forwarding callers
  • Appointment agreement
  • Call forwarding
  • Call information by e-mail

Upgrade from telephone service Hamburg to shared office

If you no longer just want the trained and friendly staff at the CS Business Center in Hamburg to answer your calls, but are looking for a shared office, you have also come to the right place.

You can always add an office service or reserve a place in the shared office. We cater to your personal needs and offer you flexible contract periods. You will also receive a 5 percent discount when you book a conference room.

What are the advantages of working at the CS Business Center?

A workplace at the CS Business Center offers numerous advantages of inestimable value. Small companies or start-ups in particular often don’t have the money to afford a large rental. However, in addition to a catchy company name, you also absolutely need an address where your customers can find you.

With an office in the CS Business Center you therefore kill several birds with one stone:

1. You secure a reputable and high quality company address
2. You get your office for the favorable monthly budget
3. You leave a good impression with your customers and business partners
4. Your company looks serious

Apart from that, you benefit, for example, from a friendly receptionist who welcomes your customers or from a secretarial service that reliably answers your calls.

Of course, your customer appointments do not have to take place in an open-plan office. Rather, you can also book day offices or conference rooms, which will then be available at the desired time.

// In a community with other entrepreneurs

What is coworking?

The trend towards coworking is advancing inexorably, as it brings with it various advantages.

Small business owners, for example, who would have their office within their four walls at home and would always spend their working day there alone, particularly appreciate this option. After all, coworking offers the chance to work together with other entrepreneurs in an open-plan office and not to be lonely and alone all the time.

Apart from that, coworking allows you to make many new contacts that will potentially be highly relevant both in business and in your personal life.

Accordingly, coworking means that you work in a community with other entrepreneurs. Everyone works for their own company, so to speak, but within a community that can positively influence the working atmosphere. For those who like to be around people, coworking proves to be the perfect option.

How much does a place in the shared office cost?

If you would like to book a place in the shared office of the CS Business Center, you will have to budget for costs starting at 299 euros per month. Four to six people work together in an office.

The special feature: You have access to your office around the clock, because in addition to the key for the building, you also receive a floor and office key.

Your office is fully equipped with the following furnishings:

  • Desk
  • Office chair
  • Sideboard

In addition, you get the option to add call forwarding for callers or call notification by the telephone service. Likewise, the CS Business Center offers cost-effective additional services such as IT service or a hot beverage flat rate.

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