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Business addresses in prime location - offices & conference rooms on the 8th floor with unobstructed view of the Elbe.
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What awaits you at the CS Business Center

Das CS Business Center in Hamburg bietet Ihnen voll ausgestattete Einzel- und Team- Büros. Flexible Vertragslaufzeiten, 24/7 Zugang zu Ihrem persönlichen Büro, Empfangs- und Sekretariatsservice und vieles mehr. Keine Courtage!

DIE kostengünstige Alternative zu einem festen Büro. Sichern Sie sich Ihre renommierte Geschäftsadresse an einem unserer Top- Standorte in Hamburg. Postmanagement und Anrufannahme in Ihrem Firmennamen!

Buchen Sie stunden- oder auch tageweise einen unserer voll ausgestatteten Konferenzräume. Bis zu 30 Personen möglich. Ob bei Konferenzen, Tagungen oder Meetings: Im CS Business Center werden Sie und Ihre Gäste professionell betreut.

Für 4,50€ am Tag* an einem Traum-Standort arbeiten? Mit CS Flexi bleiben Sie immer flexibel und können kurzfristig einen unserer attraktiven Arbeitsplätze in allen vier Standorten nutzen. Keine Vertragslaufzeiten notwendig!

A reliable phone service is part of a professional company image, as it is considered your company “business card”. Poor or no telephone availability can leave a negative impression on customers and prospects, which a professional company should not allow itself.

Thanks to our service staff, you will convince with a pleasant telephone answering.

Why commit to a property forever when office flexibility and cost savings are so easy? Instead of long-term leases or even moving your company to larger premises, you can rent business addresses, conference and office space in exactly the right size and with a flexible time commitment at one of the five Hamburg locations of our CS Business Center.

The CS Business Center in Hamburg

At CS Business Center you can book fully equipped offices in Hamburg with flexible terms. Whether individual office, executive office, team office or day office, you alone decide. One day, one week, several months or years: you choose the office according to your business situation!

We offer the right solution for almost any budget! As a cost-effective alternative to an office, we also offer business addresses (virtual offices) here in Hamburg. These ensure your representative and professional company presence at four top locations in Hamburg: at Kaiserkai 69 in HafenCity, directly opposite the Elbphilharmonie concert hall, at Mittelweg 144, in the renowned Rotherbaum district, in Hamburg city center at Stadthöfe, Stadthausbrücke 8 or in Hanseviertel, Hohe Bleichen 22.

Whether you need a virtual office or a classic office, we can of course offer you the right office service depending on your needs!

Your post and parcels will be received and further processed by our professional team according to your specifications.

We answer your phone calls in your company name and handle them as you wish. This way, you never lose a phone call and your customers and partners have professional contacts. You can book conference rooms, seminar rooms, training rooms, conference offices or coaching rooms by the hour.

Choose between the breathtaking view of the Elbe River in our Business Center Hamburg-HafenCity, the dignified and modern charm of our Business Center on Mittelweg in Hamburg-Rotherbaum, our downtown center in the Stadthöfen or our newest center in Hohe Bleichen. All locations guarantee the maximum success of your meetings. Almost all conference rooms are fully air-conditioned and have large flat screens for your presentations.

Of course, we also offer coworking options in each of our business centers. If a single office is not so important to you, coworking is an optimal alternative. Here you share not only the office, but also the costs.

Which service is right for you?

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Here is how you benefit at the CS Business Center

Our goal is to give you complete satisfaction and to give your
need to be met!

First class equipment
Basis for productivity
Comprehensive service
Stylish atmosphere
Fast Internet
Highest service quality
Perfect infrastructure
Flexible terms
Friendly reception & telephone answering
24/7 office access
Post & Parcels Acceptance


The most frequently asked questions to CS Business Center: If any of your questions are not represented, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

A business center is an office building or space that provides flexible and professional work environments for businesses and individuals. It provides a wide range of services and facilities, such as furnished offices, conference rooms, telephone and Internet access, reception services and administrative support. Business centers are particularly useful for small businesses, startups, freelancers and temporary projects, as they allow tenants to rent workspace and services as needed without having to make a long-term commitment to a specific location.

There are several reasons to use the CS Business Center, including:

  1. Flexibility: Our business centers offer flexible leases so you don’t have to commit to a long-term location. You can rent and customize workstations and services as needed.
  2. Cost savings: Since the office space and services are shared, the costs for rent, equipment and maintenance can be shared. This leads to a reduction in operating costs compared to renting your own office.
  3. Professional image: CS Business Centers convey a professional image for your company by offering you a prestigious address in Hamburg’s top locations.
  4. Less administrative work: Since the management and maintenance of the premises and facilities are taken over by the business center, you can concentrate fully on your business.
  5. Scalability: Our business centers offer the ability to expand or reduce your office space and services as needed, so you can grow or shrink with your business without having to relocate.

Overall, our business centers allow you to focus on your core business while providing a professional working environment and the necessary infrastructure.

Use the contact form on this website, call us at +49 40 80 00 84 800 or send us an e-mail at Together we will find the right solution for you.

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, we offer you other excellent services that make renting office space in a top location even more attractive for you. Of course, you have the opportunity to work undisturbed and highly concentrated in your new office seven days a week and 24 hours a day. And best of all: We offer you flexible terms as well as a booking without brokerage fees. If you are interested, please contact our team at the CS Business Center in Hamburg and book your dream office in a prime location and with first-class facilities. You can choose flexibly between our locations in the HafenCity, the Rotherbaum district, the Stadthöfe or the Hanseviertel. Translated with (free version)

Do you dream of having your own secretary to take your calls and manage the mail? Or would you like to be able to rely on a friendly employee to do secretarial work for you and to receive your customers and business partners in a representative manner in the office?

You are welcome to book this service with CS Business Center flexibly according to your needs. Likewise, in addition to renting the premises, we provide you with parking facilities and a perfect infrastructure.

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