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Offices in Hamburg: Rent an office and use modern office space

Would you like to impress your customers and business partners with a modern office in Hamburg? Do you dream of an office in a prime location, such as in HafenCity, Rotherbaum, Hamburg city centre in the Stadthöfen or in the well-known Hanseviertel at Hohe Bleichen? Then the CS Business Center has exactly the right offers for you!

Our locations in HafenCity, in Rotherbaum, Stadthöfe and in the Hanseviertel at Hohe Bleichen

Am Kaiserkai 69, Hamburg- HafenCity, directly at Elbphilharmonie

Mittelweg 144, Hamburg- Rotherbaum, Pöseldorf

Stadthausbrücke 8, Hamburg- Neustadt

Since autumn 2021: Hohe Bleichen 22, at Hanseviertel

Representative office space with best equipment

Today it is no longer sufficient for a successful appearance to carry out a presentation in any atmosphere. If you really want to make a lasting impression, you need a perfectly equipped office in a good location that is stylishly furnished and meets the latest technical standards. The CS Business Center in Hamburg offers you all of it.

The following office categories are available in Hamburg HafenCity, Rotherbaum, in the Stadthöfen and Hohe Bleichen, Hanseviertel:

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Likewise, you can select premises for the purpose of office sharing (campus office). As far as the area of the office is concerned, there are no limits to your imagination, as we offer offices in different sizes. Thus, the choice depends entirely on your individual needs. If, for example, you have always dreamed of a workplace in the fresh air, you can rejoice – our portfolio includes office spaces that have a balcony. The use of this is, of course, included in the rental price.

First-class office equipment

Nahaufnahme Schreibtisch im CS Business CenterWe want you to feel completely at home in the premises of the CS Business Center. For this reason, we have created a working atmosphere in our offices with the help of stylish and comfortable furnishings that enables and even promotes focused and efficient work. These measures serve as an important basis for your productivity.

In our individual offices, for example, you have a desk and a meeting table at your disposal. Comfortable chairs are also included. A fast internet connection is of course included in the price.

Comprehensive service for customers who require all-round support

Do you dream of your own secretary to answer your calls and manage your mail? Or would you like to be able to rely on a friendly employee to take care of secretarial work for you and receive your customers and business partners in a representative manner? You can also book this service at the CS Business Center flexibly according to your needs. In addition to renting the premises, we also provide you with parking facilities and a perfect infrastructure.

Our goal is to satisfy you completely and to meet your needs!

Who is an office in the CS Business Center suitable for?

Basically, modern office space such as ours can be used by all those interested in doing business. If, for example, you work in your home office but do not want to receive your business customers there, we recommend renting a fully equipped and inviting workplace. Are you meeting business partners from all over the world and looking for a place that is equally accessible for all? Then a room in our Business Center in Hamburg is also worthwhile.

Even start-ups who cannot afford expensive rental rooms in the long run and would like to see whether renting their own space makes sense at all are at the right address with us.

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Rent office space and enjoy advantages

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, we offer you other outstanding services that make renting premises in prime locations even more attractive for you. Of course you have the possibility to work undisturbed and highly concentrated in your new office seven days a week and 24 hours a day.
And best of all: we offer you flexible delivery times and booking without brokerage. If you are interested, please contact our team at the CS Business Center in Hamburg and book your dream office in the best location and with first-class equipment. You can flexibly choose between our locations in HafenCity, the Rotherbaum district, the Stadthöfe or Hohe Bleichen in the well-known Hanseviertel.

Renting office space – What should be considered

However, once you have decided to rent office space, you should not immediately accept the first offer that catches your eye. Even if you are only temporarily tied to one location, it is advisable to consider a few criteria when choosing a suitable location to ensure a pleasant and productive working atmosphere for you and your employees. The following points should be considered:

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In summary – that’s what you can expect in the CS Business Center:

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