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Team office in the CS Business Center

Are you working on a project from home with other freelancers and would like to meet occasionally to discuss progress? Or would you like to start a business but don’t currently have the budget to rent your own office? Then the team offices in the CS Business Center can be the perfect solution for you.

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Corona measures in our business centers:

To ensure that you can work safely and healthily at our company, we have taken the following measures:


  • Medical masks mandatory in all public areas
  • Provision of hand disinfectant
  • Compliance with the specified distance regulation in the public areas and the conference rooms
  • Regular ventilation of the rooms
  • Disinfection of the conference rooms after use


What are team offices?

A team office is an office in which the entire team works. Basically this can be compared to an open-plan office, in which each employee works at his or her own desk.

The difference to the traditional open-plan office, however, is that only your team members work in your team office and not strangers.

Especially if you are working on a project together with your employees, a team office is a good choice, as it provides you with a great place to exchange ideas even without an additional meeting room. You could also book individual offices for all team members, but then the workstations would be separated from each other and a direct exchange would hardly be possible. In addition, working in a team office can be seen as a team-building measure.

The size of the team office is best determined by the number of people involved.

What equipment do the team offices have?

If you would like to rent a team office in the CS Business Center, you will benefit from modern and high-quality equipment. Each employee has his or her own workstation and can use the free WLAN.

You can also use the kitchen as a meeting point during breaks.

Our team offices in Hamburg offer a good infrastructure and can easily be reached by bus and train. If your employees would like to come to work by car, we will be happy to provide you with the desired number of parking spaces.

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Our services also include the following services, which you can optionally book:

It goes without saying that all our employees are professionally trained so that you can rely on reliable work.

Of course you can work around the clock in your team office.

Rent a team office: Our locations

If you are looking for a team office in Hamburg, the CS Business Center is the right address for you.

Our team offices in Hamburg are located in two locations:

  1. Am Kaiserkai 69 in HafenCity
  2. Mittelweg 144 in Hamburg, Rotherbaum
  3. Stadthausbrücke 8 in the Stadthöfe
  4. Hohe Bleichen 22 in Hanseviertel

All four locations are located in a first-class location and offer a great view, partly even of the Elbe.

Your employees can spend their breaks in the immediate vicinity, as there are various recreational facilities available. There are also several restaurants nearby.

Team offices in Hamburg: Your advantages

If you want to rent your team office, you will save a lot of money compared to a traditional office. In addition, you are flexible in terms of rental periods. For example, you can rent the team office on a daily or weekly basis.

We guarantee you and your staff round-the-clock access to the premises so that you can work whenever you think it is right.

Our premises are fully and modernly equipped so that you will have everything you need for your work.

Optionally, you can book various services so that you can concentrate on your actual activities and create an extremely professional impression on the outside world.

Advantages at a glance:

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