Thomas Breit Tax Consulting:

a success story from the CS Business Center

In two years to become one of the best tax consultants and auditors

When Thomas Breit started his own business in 2006, he was involved in a tax firm with three other tax consultants in downtown Hamburg. He offered traditional services such as tax closings and payroll, as did countless others. But with his background, which included management consulting, he didn’t feel unique enough. Therefore, starting in 2001, he acquired specialized knowledge in transformation, asset succession and Tax CMS. When the sublease ended in 2019, this situation motivated him to explore new avenues.

A new start with spatial flexibility

With only one employee, he shed the work areas of traditional tax consulting to focus on his expertise and build a new business on it. Since then, he has only offered annual financial statements and tax returns to selected clients. He was faced with the decision of moving back into a tax accountant office community or following the advice of one of his network partners, who recommended the flexible lease of office space at the CS Business Center as a flexible solution. Thomas Breit opted for a mixed solution with two rooms in an office community in Hamburg’s city center in parallel to renting an office in the business center in HafenCity vis-à-vis the Elbphilharmonie concert hall. “The prime location on Kaiserkai was very important to me and my clients always admire the great view. Since the complete infrastructure is also provided, we could just get started,” Thomas Breit recalls of the beginnings.

Steady growth of company and reputation

From the initial one office space in the CS Business Center in HafenCity and the two rooms in the office community, the company grew rapidly over the next two years thanks to Thomas Breit’s specialization. The possibility to rent additional rooms in the CS Business Centers and to use the fully equipped conference rooms spontaneously, if required, allowed Thomas Breit Steuerberatung to change according to its development. The steadily growing company now has eight employees and four offices in HafenCity and two more in the CS Business Center in Stadthöfen. His employees love the working atmosphere and more colleagues are about to sign contracts, further driving growth and soon requiring additional office space. Today, Thomas Breit dispenses with the shared office space altogether and appreciates the flexibility and prime location of the business center.

Expert in demand in his areas of expertise

Today, Thomas Breit has expertise and a reputation that have earned him awards such as “Best Tax Consultant and Auditor” in the Handelsblatt ranking. He also holds a lectureship in business valuation and asset succession at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg and writes as a freelance author on asset succession issues for the trade journal IWW. He is also the founder of a practice academy as a talent factory for the next generation of tax consultants.

Thomas Breit recommends the CS Buisness Center

After around two years of experience as a tenant in the CS Business Center, the successful entrepreneur advises not only start-ups and young companies to choose this flexible solution. “The business center is unbeatable compared to other alternatives in terms of locations, ambience and community. The conditions are also excellent,” says Thomas Breit. “The initial cost of office equipment and its maintenance is eliminated, and you can simply work in the best conditions.” The fact that there is always a contact person on site and that many ancillary services can be provided on request are also advantages that he would not want to do without.

Thomas Breit Tax Consulting
Am Kaiserkai 69
20457 Hamburg
Phone 040 / 440303
Fax 040 / 452918

Christian Schmidt

Christian Schmidt has been working in the business centre industry since 2005 and is one of the most experienced protagonists in this business. Eight years in management positions at industry leader Regus have taught him all the facets of this business. The business administration graduate has been an entrepreneur since 2014 and has built up five top locations in Hamburg. His declared goal right from the start: To help companies and the self-employed find a location that suits their business. Where they can grow and possibly downsize. Where they can find a solution customised to their current business situation. To offer a great service that is unobtrusive but absolutely reliable.

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