More topical than ever: temporary offices

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More topical than ever: temporary offices

An office ready for immediate use in a prime location, whenever and for as long as you need it: The concept of temporary offices hits the nerve of the time. A temporary office provides a quiet retreat and allows the necessary distance from other people, which has become even more valuable in times of Corona. Thereby, temporary offices offer complete flexibility, service and optimal working conditions. In this blog post, I’ll explain the advantages of temporarily renting an office in a business center over other office concepts, renting permanently or buying office space.

Corona pandemic and the temporary office

The Corona period showed many of us how important it is to have a place where you can work undisturbed. In the home office, the family is noisy and concentration and self-motivation often fall by the wayside. In coworking spaces, it’s hard to keep your distance, and the risk of contagion is heightened.

What does a temporary office offer?

With a temporary office, you have everything you need to start working right away. You will have the peace of a closed room, a functional office fully equipped with all furniture and required technology, with your own direct dial and optional services. In addition, you can book additional offices or meeting and conference rooms at any time if required. The reception desk, which is permanently manned during regular opening hours, ensures that you are optimally reachable. You will even be granted 24/7 access to the office space. Thus, you can freely decide at what time of day you would like to work. The stylish atmosphere you find in modern business centers leaves a positive impression on your customers, partners and business contacts. This is not least due to the prestigious address in a metropolis, which not only looks good on the letterhead, but is also googleable and visitable.

With a temporary office, you decide for yourself how long and in what size you want to rent the office space, and you can revise this decision at any time and change it according to your needs. The selection ranges from small and therefore also inexpensive individual offices and larger executive offices to team offices and combinations. Service contracts with business centers that provide temporary offices can be for a few hours, one or more days, weeks, months or years. The notice periods are short for temporary offices and thus enable the shortest possible response times.

For whom is a temporary office suitable?

A temporary office is particularly worthwhile for freelancers, small entrepreneurs, founders and start-ups. Freelancers enjoy the comfort and quiet, while startups can figure out how much space they will need in the future. Project teams or companies looking for an adequate interim rental solution due to a move, renovation, seasonal increase in staff or for the development of a new market will also find an ideal, flexible and uncomplicated solution in a temporary office. And for business travelers, a temporary office is a far better working environment than the hotel desk with slow Wi-Fi. A temporary office also allows you to receive customers, partners and business contacts in a prestigious environment with style.

Cost control included

Especially for small businesses, solo self-employed and start-ups, the cost factor is often crucial. Too many partly unpredictable fixed costs can thwart promising business plans. Loans for the initial investment of security deposit, furnishings and technical equipment, as well as rental costs, are risk factors. You can quickly shut all of this down if you need to rent a smaller office by the week or day, or rent the business center temporarily even just as a corporate address.

Mail service, direct dialing, shared use of equipment such as printers, etc., and, if desired, an address sign at the entrance are already included in the rent for temporary offices. Additional services, which usually include a telephone service and further secretarial work by specialists on behalf of your company, can be added as required at transparent costs. You have full cost control at all times.

Temporary office vs. home office vs. coworking spaces

As mentioned, many have just experienced what it’s like to work in a home office during the Corona crisis, and have certainly encountered all sorts of stumbling blocks in the form of roommates and other disruptive factors. Even without the corona pandemic, home office work was a major challenge for freelancers and founders. Without an enclosed place to work only, concentration and creativity are often difficult. Also, one would not like to receive customers and business partners at home. In terms of working conditions, the temporary office is a clear winner. We only deduct one point for the costs. Here, logically, the home office is ahead.

Coworking spaces in a business center are less expensive and offer the same services, but they don’t offer the privacy and privacy of a lockable office. With a coworking space, you share a larger office with other tenants. Even though these are usually not open-plan offices, but rather team offices, noise cannot be avoided when all tenants are present. This may inspire some creatives, but many self-employed people are more likely to be distracted and disturbed this way. Also, the currently desirable personal distance cannot always be guaranteed in a coworking, which is a minus point in pandemic times that does not exist in temporary offices.

Temporary offices in Hamburg

I hope this blog post has helped you weigh the benefits of a temporary office for you and your business. If you’re looking for a temporary professional home in Hamburg, I’m happy to tell you more about the different office options in our business centers. We have rentable, fully equipped office space of various sizes in the trendy HafenCity, in the prestigious Rotherbaum area and in the famous Stadthöfe in Hamburg’s city center.

I wish you much success and stay healthy!

With warm regards
Your Christian Schmidt

Christian Schmidt

Christian Schmidt has been working in the business centre industry since 2005 and is one of the most experienced protagonists in this business. Eight years in management positions at industry leader Regus have taught him all the facets of this business. The business administration graduate has been an entrepreneur since 2014 and has built up five top locations in Hamburg. His declared goal right from the start: To help companies and the self-employed find a location that suits their business. Where they can grow and possibly downsize. Where they can find a solution customised to their current business situation. To offer a great service that is unobtrusive but absolutely reliable.

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