Office services: professional and always available

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Office services: professional and always available

Whether you’re running a start-up, a fast-growing company, or a large enterprise, you’ll benefit from an office service in many ways.

Office services offer you flexible services tailored to your business, relieving you of many time-consuming tasks and making you constantly available – and all this without having to hire additional staff. In this blog post, I’ll show you the top reasons to use an office service.

Time for your real work

With an all-inclusive package of office services, as office services are also called, you no longer need to worry about incoming calls, welcoming your clients and guests, and preparing meeting and conference rooms and other time robbers. This allows you to take care of your core business in peace, instead of being constantly jolted out of concentration by ringing phones or having to open the door. In addition, professional, friendly and discreet multilingual staff will ensure that your company always makes the best possible impression.

Guaranteed reachable with office services

Even if you are on the road visiting a customer, in a meeting, on a business trip or on vacation, your office will always be reachable under your personal extension number. Important messages will still reach you through the office service, so you won’t miss out on any potential new customers. Unlike with your own secretary’s office, absences due to illness, vacation or parental leave do not play a role with a professional office service, as the provider ensures that there are no absences of any kind. But even for companies that already have a secretariat, hiring an office service makes sense to bridge personnel bottlenecks.

Cost efficiency with office services

In addition to the risk of default, employees initially mean costs. Office services are not free of charge either, but ancillary wage costs and other cost factors that are incurred with your own employees are eliminated here. Thus, in direct comparison to employees, office services lead to significant cost savings and maximum cost control, which is particularly beneficial for start-ups and growing companies.

Office services: external or on-site

There are external office services that work for you from another location and those that have an on-site presence.

External office services are typically used for services such as payroll and accounting, as they do not require customer contact. There are also office services with external call centers, but these often have language or technical limitations.

In-house office services are there where you need them, giving them decisive advantages over external ones:

  • They are available at any time to the extent you have booked.
  • You can take care of your customers or guests in addition to administrative tasks.
  • As an entrepreneur, you can react flexibly and make use of additional services such as the conference service if required.
  • In-house office services ensure the necessary personal availability and professionalism.

Customized office service solutions

Good on-site office service providers allow you to customize services to meet the exact needs of your business. It is easy to add or cancel office services at any time. The services provided by a secretarial office service of this type usually range from pure mail management to services that could otherwise only be provided by a personal assistant. You, as the customer, decide how extensive you want the office service to be that will take care of your back in the future.

In addition to mail management, the tasks of an in-house office service include telephone service, which includes not only answering calls but also scheduling appointments. In addition, this usually includes the reception of customers and guests, preparation of rooms for meetings, conferences and meetings.

Full flexibility through office services in the business center

If you are one of the tenants in a business center, in addition to the customized office services, you also have the possibility to react flexibly to situations at any time and transform your virtual office with a postal address in the business center into a haptic one with a conference room in case of an important customer visit. Whether for a day or even longer – the office service staff is always ready. In our business center, a secretarial office service in the form of, among other things, telephone service for your extension, mail management, customer reception and preparation of rooms is always available.

After reading this blog article, I hope you were able to weigh up for yourself whether booking an office service is the solution for you to make your business look even more professional and free you up to take care of your core business. Write to me if you have any further questions about office services offers.

I wish you every success!

With warm regards
Your Christian Schmidt

Christian Schmidt

Christian Schmidt has been working in the business centre industry since 2005 and is one of the most experienced protagonists in this business. Eight years in management positions at industry leader Regus have taught him all the facets of this business. The business administration graduate has been an entrepreneur since 2014 and has built up five top locations in Hamburg. His declared goal right from the start: To help companies and the self-employed find a location that suits their business. Where they can grow and possibly downsize. Where they can find a solution customised to their current business situation. To offer a great service that is unobtrusive but absolutely reliable.

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